Javed Mirza
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Technical analyst at
Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Aug 13/19, Down 1%) A core holding of his. He's sticking with it though it's been on a downtrend since July--it's in a consolidation period. Loves the chart.
(A Top Pick Aug 13/19, Down 7%) This year, it had an uptrend, then has consolidated since June. There's more downside to come. We are testing support levels now. He still likes it.
(A Top Pick Aug 13/19, Up 7%) The chart looks good. It moved higher in the winter, went sideways in the summer, then resumed moving up to the present. Meanwhile, collect the dividend.
Fantastic chart. It recently corrected a bit, then touched support and the past week has been re-accelerating, trying to reach higher.
He added to his holding in the last quarter, still likes the chart. All software has had a correction in the past few weeks, but long-term rgowth stocks will move higher. (Analysts’ price target is $469.90)