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(A Top Pick Apr 01/19, Down 12%) Two days after making the pick, the company announced an acquisition that the market did not like. They are the premiere owner of single family rental properties in the US. They are investing a lot of money into technology for the sector. They are looking to expand their platform of properties -- great in the long term. The market didn't like the departure from the existing business model. It is trading at a massive discount to NAV, so he still likes the value.
(A Top Pick Apr 01/19, Up 0.2%) He still really likes this holding. The market is a little worried about global growth. This is a real estate service company, so they are vulnerable to these concerns. However, they provide so many more services to help companies optimize their office space. The outsourcing of such services works well for them. Today is good entry value, he thinks.
(A Top Pick Apr 01/19, Down 0.7%) They are not very active in raising equity, so they are off the radar for many investors. The CEO is buying their stock in massive amounts. This is great signal of support for the future business opportunities. The Toronto office market is very strong. He would continue to hold this.
The only holder of cold warehouses. Temperature controlled for storage close to consumers. The value will continue to grow as investors understand their strong hold in the market. Yield 2.33% (Analysts’ price target is $36.07)
They repurpose real estate in high return markets. They have done this will deleveraging their balance sheet. One of the few international REITs in Canada. A pullback in stock price makes this a good time to enter. Yield 3.3% (Analysts’ price target is $51.58)