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(A Top Pick Dec 05/18, Up 33%) When he called it, ARE wasn't cheap. They hold life sciences properties, which is solid and lucrative (fuelled by R&D spending). They can raise rents by 20-30% annually with these companies, which means strong cash flow growth.
(A Top Pick Dec 05/18, Up 45%) It's a Blackstone-sponsored company that bought a bunch of single-family homes and rent them out. Blackstone IPO'd this and sold it in tranches over time. Now, the stock has legs and doesn't need the parent's support. They rent to tenants and are adding ancillary businesses, like pet services beyond just rent.
Was a spin-out of MGM (the casino). They structure a master lease to this parent. These rents are bullet-proof. Cash flows within MGM are strong (from gambling), even if there will be a recession. You're buying good long-term cash flow, supported by an investment-grade tenant. Also, they can buy more quality assets, some within gambling, some outside, which leads to more accretion. Offers stability yet growth. Pays a 6.1% yield. (Analysts’ price target is $36.15)
They own chilled warehouses, the biggest player in this space. Given consumers' food tastes (fresh foods), this will attract market demand. There's been a recent pullback in COLD, so now is a good entry point. (Analysts’ price target is $40.58)
They have less exposure (40%) to US coastal markets (than other industrial REITS) where there is a constraint of supply (and can seriously raise rents). Given the other 60% of the company pushes down the value--too cheap in his eyes. (Analysts’ price target is $43.33)