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(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Up 2%) Tracks closely the all world carbon index. Over the last year, the market has been flat. This is an example of how investors can get a marginally better return by taking out heavy polluters.
(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Up 10%) He sold his shares today due to them holding Olin Corp, a chlorine producer for water treatment, which also owns Winchester Guns and Ammunitions. He had an ethical conflict with owning a company with ties to the gun industry.
(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Up 37%) The share price has gone up, and it also pays 4.85% dividend at today’s price. They finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. He expects the company will reap profits from their investments for years to come.
A U.S. fossil fuel free and socially responsible ETF that has outperformed the S&P 500 recently. A good way to get U.S. exposure while doing no evil.
Loves the water sector. Climate change will increase demand for water and water infrastructure. A combination of industrial and utilities.