Andrew Pyle
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Senior wealth advisor and portfolio manager at
The Pyle Group, Scotia Wealth Mgt.

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(A Top Pick May 29/19, Up 66%) He sold out previously. He liked the 5 year forecast. As we came into late last year some of the volatility in the stock was not what he was interested in so he exited. He believes they will be stronger going forward.
(A Top Pick May 29/19, Up 18%) He got back into healthcare late last year because of speculation about a Bernie Sanders victory. He continues to like it long term. The current price is a bit elevated so if buying it, wait a bit. The US election could changes things for healthcare.
(A Top Pick May 29/19, Up 5%) He still likes it. It has done a great job of defending market share in Canada. If you think the economy is not going to come out of this to the same extent it was a year ago, then you will see a cascading of retail dollars down to DOL-T.
It is a rotational play within the Brookfield space away from traditional office properties. There is an immediate need and we are going into a US election in November. (Analysts’ price target is $65.39)
Banks are lining up to take massive loan losses due to the shutdown. He thinks we will see a recovery in stock values. He likes the exposure to the US. He likes the dividend and it offers a better opportunity in terms of getting into the market at this point. He thinks the banks are undervalued. (Analysts’ price target is $75.98)