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(A Top Pick Jan 29/19, Up 39%) This asset does well in a deflationary shock period. It has a 20 year duration, so the impact was significant when interest rates dropped.
(A Top Pick Jan 29/19, Down 23%) It was added by a 10% dividend. This was meant to be diversified out of Canada. The pandemic impacted global assets unfortunately. Going forward real estate may struggle as businesses evaluate how big their real estate foot print needs to be.
(A Top Pick Jan 29/19, Up 1.5%) Global Risk Parity balances the risk of growth and inflation. It balances the risks to keep you level. The peak draw down was 12% -- very manageable in the context of recent volatility.
In deflationary shock periods you want access to gold. He likes that you could take physical delivery of gold rather than through futures. It also avoids exposure to companies potentially being limited in their mine operations due to COVID-19 restrictions.
It is not too late to still get some of this return -- it is up almost 25% this year. Government bonds are a great thing to own. You can buy in either US or CAD dollar denominations.