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(A Top Pick Apr 17/19, Up 25%) He likes the big mega-cap tech companies. Over 11 years in their history, they are in the right place at the right time. Their AWS business now accounts for 70% of revenues. They are going to own the cloud business for years to come. If there is pressure for growth, they can increase margins. Still in his Top 5 holdings. His target is $2650.
(A Top Pick Apr 17/19, Up 9%) Always a Top Pick for him. Even during these uncertain times there Q1 performance is still great. His target is $1555. They just reported search activity is up hugely and they have massive increase in cloud services (up over 50%). Ad revenues are down a bit, but will great again when things get turned back on. He would buy on weakness down at $1200 and then $1100.
(A Top Pick Apr 17/19, Down 7%) The competition is with the likes of SHOP. They will report earnings tonight. They also provide financing along with collecting transaction fees, where margins are 40%. Ongoing fees have margins of 80%. In the long term, the opportunity remains. He still likes them. His target is $79.
They developed a cloud computing platform to help companies with digital operations. Founded in 2003, it IPO's in 2012 and has since acquired several good companies. He particularly likes that 90% of their revenue is recurring. This reduces the risk. Although a little pricey at 15 times revenues. He would look to buy around $325. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $365.72)
He bought in recently. Earnings a few weeks ago actually showed a 2% revenue beat. They really are best in class in return on investment. He sees a near term floor of $200 -- a good level to buy. His target is $300. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $235.82)