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(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 112%) He's continued to buy. Pretty volatile, so you'll probably have the opportunity to buy lower. Buy 1/3, then 1/3 in the $70s, and 1/3 in the $60s. Aggressive product strategy and institutional buying, plus working on beneficial Xilinx acquisition. Price target of $95.
(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 21%) Price target of $165. Carrier-neutral data centre. Smart acquisitions. Not a bad buy here. Yield is 3%.
(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 59%) Russian version of Alphabet. E-commerce, media services, classified sites. Some political risk, but Putin likes them. Price target of $64.50, and it's there. He'd buy it down in the $50s.
Chinese online retailer. Like Amazon, because they have their own branded products. Heavily invested in drone delivery. Scale advantage, clear margin expansion profile, growing valuation of subsidiaries. His price target is $101. Suggests buying in stages at $87, $72, and $60. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $99.01)
His price target is $69. Suggests buying here around $56, in low $50s, and again around $45. Cloud, hardware, software, and services doing well. Given blessing to buy NA version of TikTok. Good one to own when markets are elevated. Yield is 1.69%. (Analysts’ price target is $62.81)