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(A Top Pick Oct 08/19, Up 60%) They have really done well expanding their card-based usage throughout the world. We are in a world that is moving from cash to cashless. No one has found a way to disrupt them. Their network gets used more and more and cash flow goes back to shareholders.
(A Top Pick Oct 08/19, Down 10%) He sold most in June but holds it in his income portfolio. It was a turn around and he hoped the company would be turned around but he moved on when that thesis was washed out.
(A Top Pick Oct 08/19, Down 20%) It was an income idea that was impacted by COVID. Last year at this time we saw money flowing back toward TV advertisers. There is a little momentum in their advertizing revenue and it is starting to come back.
They moved past their data privacy issues. It has gotten back on the offensive as an e-commerce power house. It is replacing classified adds. There is a lot of monetization potential across all its platforms. It has great free cash flow. There is lots of value. It will find lots of ways to grow in the future. (Analysts’ price target is $323.17)
It is at its leanest from an operating efficiency point of view. They invested a lot to move to electric vehicles. They have a great Chinese partnership that should grow. It is a great way to play the recovery. (Analysts’ price target is $47.00)