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(A Top Pick May 04/18, Up 24%) He actually doubled his position. They're still growing their margins and are making acquisitions. The multiple and stock price have ticked, but earnings not as much. Wait for a better entry point. The execute well.
(A Top Pick May 04/18, Up 7%) Supply concerns have recently weighed on the share price of the three big cruise lines with weakness in Europe and the Caribbean. RCL is still growing revenue at a healthy rate. In 2020-21, new maritime regulations about fuel will take out a lot of supply.
(A Top Pick May 04/18, Up 25%) They've done a fine job acquiring companies and growing. There are rumours they will buy Symantec. Great free cash flow with growing dividends. However, headline risks lie with China through Huawei, which represents 4-5% of Broadcom's revenues. Watch the headlines.
The market is over-thinking Google. Anti-trust worries have been priced in already. Revenues will grow nearly 20% annually in coming years and they have a ton of cash in the bank. Internet advertising remains unstoppable. Even if the US courts break up the company, there will be more value in the pasts of Google, like self-driving cars. (Analysts’ price target is $1321.89)
It has one of the best growth profiles on the street with EPS growth at 10%. It trades at a premium to its peers, though. They have some potential blockbuster drugs focused on diabetes and heart disease. Itt depends on the effectiveness of that drug. Now is a good entry point. (Analysts’ price target is $125.81)