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(A Top Pick Oct 22/18, Up 21%) Well-positioned as a leader in self-driving cars. They have a deal with Lyft to provide such rides. Generate a lot of cash which they return to shareholders. Well-managed.
(A Top Pick Oct 22/18, Up 8%) Consumers re-purchase their products and their service division is strong. However, the China trade tension gives him pause; so, he's watching the trade talks. He's also worried about the NBA controversy in China. Cautious.
(A Top Pick Oct 22/18, Up 25%) The Bristol acquisition was perfect. CELG boasts strong competitive barriers to their products and their product pipeline will pleasantly surprise the market. He's not worried about the US election and the negative effect on US healthcare; in fact, he loves buying stocks when others fear or hate them.
Good long-term, a leader in self-driving cars and advanced safety. The world is moving away from gas cars to e-cars. Not dirt cheap now, but they have a track record of compounding earnings and returning capital to shareholders. (Analysts’ price target is $92.71)
They provide health insurance to Americans; ANTM does Medicaid administration to be exact. They are big-scale nationally and concentrated in certain areas which gives them negotiating power with hospitals and doctor groups. They can cross-sell to customers eye and dental care. Also, aging demographics are a tailwind. A poorly negotiated pharmacy benefit management contract is now moving off, so that will result in an earnings pick-up. They will result in lower prices for their members that could drive revenues up. (Analysts’ price target is $330.57)