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(A Top Pick Apr 25/19, Down 20%) He still owns this and added during March. He likes their US propane distribution system and acquisitions into the US northeast. They worked hard to sell their chemical business, but were not able to get the price they wanted. People need propane, so he sees this as an essential business. This is a good time to buy.
(A Top Pick Apr 25/19, Down 83%) With an exposure to European natural gas markets it was attractive. He sold last June into ARX when it began to collapse with other energy holdings. They have had to restrict or cut their dividend several times. The energy space will continue to be a tough environment.
(A Top Pick Apr 25/19, Down 53%) They sold out when they were stopped out last July. It is tough in the energy space right now. Investors have to avoid trying to be a bottom feeder and trade with tight stop loss levels.
He bought in during the drop in March. There is a lot of good value in infrastructure. They have the ability to look globally, where the best opportunities emerge. A good time to buy. Yield 5.37% (Analysts’ price target is $66.56)
A new position he bought into in March. A great Canadian technology success stories. They have acquired some great businesses in the past few years and are now reaching critical mass into different business lines that generate very sustainable cash streams. This includes tele-health. He thinks there will be distressed assets that they may be able to acquire. Yield 1.05% (Analysts’ price target is $53.40)