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(A Top Pick Apr 11/19, Down 11%) He still likes this. He bought when it yielded over 7%. The unique thing that happened was the announcement of the sale of their chemical business. They sold out of their position around $13.50 and took profit. When it was later announced the sale was not going ahead, the share prices dropped. Now with the recent sell off in the general market he has been back in buying. With a 6-7% dividend yield it is attractive.
(A Top Pick Apr 11/19, Down 57%) He no longer owns this one. It has always had a premium valuation as it priced its production off the Brent oil market. They switched out back last June, buying ARX-T instead.
(A Top Pick Apr 11/19, Down 3%) They had bought WestJet and the shares were cheap. They are a great long term private equity firm. He thinks there are other things to put his cash into now.
He likes this global investment and research firm that is ranked #1 internationally. It is a pure play on investment banking and wealth management -- two very profitable segments. They hold $1.2 billion in cash and it generates great cash flow. Yield 3.52% (Analysts’ price target is $92.00)
A great long term company. They just reported good earnings. Their investment portfolio generates great cash flow. They have $130 billion in cash. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $252.67)