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(A Top Pick Oct 19/18, Down 8%) He doubled up on it earlier in the year and he still likes it. It is a fantastically run business. They had their investor day a couple of weeks ago and they communicated how they are redesigning the business. They are a private equity company. It is selling at a 20% discount to net asset value. This could have been a forth Top Pick.
(A Top Pick Oct 19/18, Down 6%) He is now out of it. There was doubt about their ability to sell assets and about their debt load. Longer term, their business is fine. They had to cut the dividend last year. He prefers the infrastructure space right now. This is still a fine company.
(A Top Pick Oct 19/18, Down 40%) They garnered a higher multiple than the rest of the sector because of their European assets. They have transitioned more capital to North American assets. He sold because of its relative valuation and he switched to ARX-T. It has a 13.6% yield.
They recently did a deal with AMZN-Q. This is overnight eCommerce packages to 14 different cities in Canada. This is the cleanest way to play eCommerce in Canada. Margins are close to 30% and they did a good job of expanding their fleet. AMZN-Q will be a shareholder. (Analysts’ price target is $114.91)
It is in a very interesting part of the insurance space in the US, focusing on Medicare. 10,000 people a day in the US are turning 65. The demographic tailwind is going to be huge. This is part of the healthcare market he really likes. (Analysts’ price target is $327.14)