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(A Top Pick Nov 28/18, Up 16%) A great way to get exposure to US industrial and e-commerce (Amazon is a big customer). They've done a great job acquiring proprties in Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis, the mid-heartland of American industry. It trades at close to book. Pays 5.5% dividend yield. He continues to buy at these levels.
(A Top Pick Nov 28/18, Down 27%) Sold it in June and bought Arc. Liked it because they were exposed to European natural gas prices, and are they're good at growing their dividend. But their multiple got too high. VET remains a good company. The dividend is near 14%, but he thinks the stock will rise if they reduce the dividend.
(A Top Pick Nov 28/18, Up 16%) Genworth and Westinghouse have been great investments for them. They're great capital allocators. Still likes it at current prices.
Amazon had a record holiday season, which bodes well for CJT when they make a lot of their money in this quarter. Their relationship with Amazon will grow over time. CJT is the perfect proxy for e-commerce in Canada. It's a fine long-term buy even at $100. (Analysts’ price target is $115.91)
Offers great exposure to US banks, railroads, airlines as well as Apple. A nice collection of cyclicals. They sit on $130 billion in cash, great dry powder. Share have recently broken out. A great long term buy. (Analysts’ price target is $248.75)