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$300 billion-dollar market cap. You could buy Amazon, hold Amazon and keep Amazon, as there is nothing to say that it won’t be a $1 trillion company someday. This has become the de facto future. The company was brilliant. Quarter after quarter after quarter, people sold off the stock because they thought the company was wasting money on building warehouses all over the world. However, it allowed the company to become the one and only option for Internet-based commerce. They are also in the Cloud business as well as having Echo, a smart speaker for answering questions and controlling an intelligent home.
Paper manufacturer, that has gone into absorbent personal care products, such as adult diapers. Exactly the kind of company you want to have in your portfolio and keep for the long run. 4.4% dividend yield.
You really can’t go wrong here. The stock is all the way down to $50 a share, and will certainly come back. They have some phase 3 trials with some breakthrough blockbuster kind of drugs. Dividend yield of 3%.