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(A Top Pick May 31/17. Up 3.92%.) She still likes this. It hasn’t done much in the last quarter even though their earnings season was very, very strong.
(A Top Pick May 31/17. Up 40.1%.) The Amazon (AMZN-Q) of China, except they are servicing a population of 1.4 billion. They are also servicing a population, where outside the primary cities, there is very little retail infrastructure, which is why they are doing so well. Also, they are taking the cash flow from their domestic core business and are making very smart acquisitions outside.
(A Top Pick May 31/17. Up 22.47%.) One of the smaller banks in India. India really has 2 banking systems. There is the older, large public-sector banks that are dealing with some legacy loan issues from the 90s. There is also a number of banks in the late 90s that have brand-new licenses. This is one of those. They have very few legacy loans and are focused on the consumer.
The largest smart phone manufacturer in Asia in terms of volume. More importantly, they now have the other side of the business, OLED screens, D RAM etc. Very inexpensive. Dividend yield of 1.7%. (Analysts’ price target is KRW3,000,000.)
This is the largest life insurance company in China. It is a diversified, with 2/3 of their business life and nonlife, but they also have Ping An Bank and Ping An Trust, which issues wealth management products. She likes the insurance as a secular growth theme because of the big savings pool. People in China like to save. Now that they are wealthier, they are starting to think more about safety. Inexpensive, trading at around 11X earnings, and growing earnings at about 13% year-over-year. Dividend yield of 1.9%. (Analysts’ price target is HKD72.24.)