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(A Top Pick May 27/19, Down 13%) Still likes it. A big player in cyber warfare, drones, AR and VR (defence electronics). Excellent managers. Just bought a night vision systems company. Well positioned in all part of the fastest-growing parts of the defense industry.
(A Top Pick May 27/19, Up 1%) When interest rates rose in Q4, the stock fell down. The stock moves according to rates and not the fundamentals of the insurance industry, which frustrated him. So he exited. PGR has been doing well, because rates plunge and fewer people are driving, hence getting into car accidents, which suggest a good combined ratio. PGR is best in class in insurance.
Price target: 10,237 Yen The second-biggest maker of eyeglass lenses and a low-cost producer. He expects Hoya to take market share. It's also the world's second-biggest maker of endoscopes which will be used in selective procedures return post-lockdown. Hoya has been doing well, given its monopoly in photomasks used in lithography. Also are the only producer of glass used in hard-disk platters which helps transfer more data in a hard disc, which are seeing high demand.
Price target: 11,000 ILs The world's largest producer of hummus. People are eating at home alot now given the lockdown, so they are well-positioned short term. Well-managed.
Price target: 400.94 SFr A contract producer of pharmaceuticals, the biggest maker of biotech drugs and small-molecule drugs (pills). Chinese and Indian competitors are unreliable (receiving FDA notices), so Lonza is capturing market share who are reliable.