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(A Top Pick Dec 27/18, Up 34%) They are the largest producer of Humus.
(A Top Pick Dec 27/18, Up 23%) He has been sitting out for 6-9 months. He is watching it carefully now because we have had a turn in the manufacturing economy.
(A Top Pick Dec 27/18, Up 74%) Electronic test equipment. 1/3rd is in defense and military. They have high operational leverage. They moved to being relatively unknown to known over the last year. It attracted a broader audience. All their businesses are doing fairly well.
It is the old HP instrumentation business. It benefits from the Internet of things, 5G wireless, and the electrification of automobiles. (Analysts’ price target is $115.25)
They make glass. Eye glasses. They have been buying up competitors. (Analysts’ price target is $9621.58)