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(A Top Pick Mar 25/19, Up 43%) They make endoscopes. They handle glass, their specialty. It's a Japanese company, but are unusual for Japan because they focus on ROE and are highly entrepreneurial.
(A Top Pick Mar 25/19, Up 11%) The leader in 5G. They make electronic test equipment and defense electronics. We are midway through a defence-spending cycle.
(A Top Pick Mar 25/19, Up 20%) They're the world's biggest producer of dental implants. It's a cyclical business, but more people are buying implants instead of dentures, so there's long-term potential growth. Their plants are in Thailand and the Phillippines compared to their competition in pricier North America.
11,027 Yen price target Also a past pick today. Competitor
It's a merger of L3 and Harris, and this should eliminate duplication in operating costs and inventories, and should expand margins. Product lines are centered in defence electronics, especially warfare and space. They also produce airport security (just announced they will sell this division and return value to shareholders). They do lots of share buybacks and they raise dividends. (Analysts’ price target is $252.23)