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(A Top Pick Sep 13/18, Up 26%) Has strong fundamentals, a good runway for growth and a protective moat. It's been an excellent growth story he bought 20 years ago. They'll likely expand to Asia. They are refining their digital marketing. Their earnings today beat the street.
(A Top Pick Sep 13/18, Down 1%) They're now focussing on Latin America (i.e. Chile, Peru), a good strategy. The whole sector has been flat this year, but Canadian banks enjoy an oligopoly, and consistently pay a 4-6% yield by paying half their earnings.
(A Top Pick Sep 13/18, Up 66%) It wasn't easy to pick 12 months ago when gold was nowhere. Yes, it was uncomfortable to buy, but it was a quality way to play gold, and gold has since broken out. FNV has outperformed bullion.
They boast 100 million users globally with 75% of revenues coming from subscriptions. 95% of business comes outside Canada. That lessens risk.They spend their large cash flow ($6.2 billion in the last 20 years) buying businesses and they do it well. The stock has generated an annual compound rate of return of 13.5% over 20 years, double the TSX. (Analysts’ price target is $61.78)
Canada's biggest oil producer. A contrarian pick given the brutal oil climate now. Pays 4.86% yield. It's trading at a discounted valuation now; the gap between the valuation and the oil in the ground is historically wide (too wide). Good growth. (Analysts’ price target is $45.66)