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(A Top Pick May 08/19, Down 25%) A tough environment for them. They sold out of their holding last June around $22. They were having troubles rolling out a South American strategy so opted to move on.
(A Top Pick May 08/19, Up 20%) He continues to own it. It is Canada's largest property and casualty insurer. They saw a hardening of the insurance market last summer, which was leading to a stronger position to charge higher premiums. This was a reversal from trends over the past several years. Regulators were more willing to allow the increases or face a loss in capacity. They will have some headwinds as premiums they will invest into bonds and other fixed income will be lower. Also, they will benefit in their auto policies not having as many claims. They have reached out to offer 15% discounts to customers as accidents are down 75% in the GTA area. Excellent business for now and the long term.
(A Top Pick May 08/19, Down 21%) He continues to own this. He thinks the banks will definitely not cut dividends. They are being offered financial relief by the regulators. They are accommodating customers to reduce the delinquency of mortgages. They will get through this. He likes BNS in particular because of their Latin and South American footprint, where their is faster growth rates in the developing markets. He would be a buyer today. Yield 5%
The freight backbone for North America from Atlantic to Pacific to the US Gulf Coast. They work towards high capacity utilization, cost efficiency and technology enablement. They have boosted ROE to 23% over the past decade. It trades at 14 times earnings. This company is 100 years old and the iron will be in the ground adding to shareholder earnings for another 100 years to come, he thinks. Yield 2.01% (Analysts’ price target is $116.96)
One of the world's foremost managers of assets from infrastructure to renewables. IT has a worldwide footprint. It is big and getting bigger. They have deep expertise. It benefits from a shift towards reallocation by pensions towards hard assets. They are buying back shares as well allowing them to grow on a higher compounding rate going forward. Yield 1.39% (Analysts’ price target is $56.37)