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(A Top Pick Oct 24/18, Up 33%) Good dividend yield, defensive business, mid-single digit level of growth. When the market gives you a gift, sometimes you need to lock it in. Valuation is now stretched, because though stock price has appreciated, earnings have not kept pace.
(A Top Pick Oct 24/18, Up 22%) There's a lot more gas in the tank. Preferred horse in the life insurance sector. 13% ROE. Trades at 7.5x earnings. Should have a "3" handle on it. Yield is 4.2%.
(A Top Pick Oct 24/18, Up 5%) Has been flattish. Frustrated with it. Used to be a compelling retail story. Earnings stalled, and share price stuck in a trading range. Didn't like their acquisition of an airline.
Rapid grower. Gets money from franchise fees plus franchisee puts up all the capital. ROE of about 35%. Same-store sales growth. International and domestic expansion. Acquisitions add to growth. Yield is 2.80%. (Analysts’ price target is $108.26)
Operate in Colombia, so they get international oil prices plus there's abundant pipeline capacity. Tripled production since 2013. Flush with cash. Share buybacks. Inexpensive. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $30.42)