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(A Top Pick Apr 09/20, Up 17%) He has owned it for a number of years. They are a good consolidator. It has been perking up a little in the last few weeks. There are probably some short term headwinds for them with comparisons to last year as a lot of stores were closed and traffic got diverted to dollar stores, convenience stores and corner stores. They had a windfall on gasoline margins. Oil prices fell swiftly but gas prices did not, as is usual. Their fuel margins will be a headwind for the next couple of quarters. He thinks they will get a strategic acquisition completed this year. They are buying back their own shares, which is rare. They think they are undervalued.
(A Top Pick Apr 09/20, Up 38%) He would buy it again. It is a corner stone of his portfolio. They have a dominant position and are well capitalized. They will have relatively easy comparisons this year because they took big credit losses last year. You can buy it any day.
(A Top Pick Apr 09/20, Up 26%) It is not as racy as a SHOP-T. It is a large outsourcing firm. They have a great client base and are a great consolidator. They are always undervalued, caused by the organic growth being mid-single digits. The total growth is good. He is comfortable buying it here.
It is a recent addition to his portfolios. It is Canada's largest commercial printing operation and unnoticed by the majority of investors. They are going to be a big player in the flexible packaging industry. It will be more like CCL industries. They are best known for their fliers. They have been shrinking that footprint. The shares are inexpensive. They have a long history of growing the dividend. The stock should turn up dramatically this year as it was depressed last year. (Analysts’ price target is $25.25)
This is a secular growth stock. They have been expanding rapidly in Asia. They are working on their e-commerce channels as it gives them a margin uplift vs. selling coats through third party retailers. They are also increasing their in-sourcing manufacturing so as to have better control over product quality. They are making key hires in the marketing and branding groups. It has pulled back after blockbuster numbers came out. (Analysts’ price target is $61.67)