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(A Top Pick Aug 07/19, Up 11%)Was a 2-1 stock split in this period, so total return was 11% He's followed this for a long, long time, and the stock has split many times. Disappointed that they lost to Marathon Petroleum in a deal today, but ATD are prudent buyers and will buy something. Respects the managers and their strategy.
(A Top Pick Aug 07/19, Down 19%) Sold it last March. CNQ didn't work out, simple as that. The hit on oil demand by COVID and the Saudi-Russia spat triggered his sell. The pipeline shortage was another factor. CNQ has recovered a bit though.
(A Top Pick Aug 07/19, Down 38%) He sold before COVID hit. He was lucky. He actually made money on this stock. Retail REITs still haven't recovered. He's happy to be out, even at these lower prices. Can the dividend survive?
Still likes it and has long owned it. ATD is dominant in convenience stores across North America and Europe. They may expand to Asia and Australia. They use procurements scale to price sharply on gas which attracts shoppers into their modern stores, which enjoy high gross margins on cigarettes, coffee and snacks, which boast margins 3-5x higher than gas. ATD is a great acquirer, but are moving more into organic growth which attracts a higher multiple for investors. (Analysts’ price target is $45.85)
A major trucking company in North America. A great growth stories, growing earnings at 18% compounded over the last decade through organic growth and 80 acquisitions since 2008. Though cyclical, TFII has gone to an asset-lite model, so they can deliver a higher investor return than its peers. They trade at a 25% discount to their US trucking peers. (Analysts’ price target is $65.02)