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(A Top Pick Aug 01/18, Down 7%) They did a failed assets sale last year at the wrong time when oil markets peaked then slid. They received lousy bids. It's still a great growth story with a good drill program. They're operating in Colombia, so they get international pricing, not low Canadian. They are buying back a lot of shares. He's happy holding this for the long term.
(A Top Pick Aug 01/18, Up 25%) A good return, but complicated, because it involved a spin-off of a REIT. He sold it at profit at $66 in April when the shares looked fully valued.
(A Top Pick Aug 01/18, Up 19%) A core holding for many years. They dominate in the alternate real asset space, leading in private equity in real estate, renewable energy and infrastructure--businesses that are less efficient with higher returns. They recently bought Oaktree, a California credit manager. They are very well managed by peoeple who heavily own shares.
Fertilizer markets are oversupplied, so fertilizer prices remain low, though slowly recovering. NTR is expanding its retail network through small acqusitions across North America, but also Australia and South America. The latter reduces cyclicality risk in North America. (Analysts’ price target is $82.44)
Trades at 10.4 x earnings and poised to continue to outperform the TSX. (Analysts’ price target is $83.29)