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(A Top Pick May 13/19, Up 15%) This was recommended during the height of the China-US trade war, which was crazy to suggest at the time. August was the best time to buy this. In China, no one is under any illusion that growth is slowing. Maybe, the Chinese feel, are getting accustomed to Trump.
(A Top Pick May 13/19, Down 2%) He felt this would benefit as an alternative supply chain during the US-China trade war. This year, the Vietnamese currency soared 17%. Cheap labour and land there, so this is a good, long-term story.
(A Top Pick May 13/19, Up 13%) He's still very bullish about South Korea, exposed to a lot of trade, especially smart phones. Very cheap stocks now in South Korea, which investor have forgotten. This will do very well if the global economy stabilizes
A past top pick. South Korea is deeply connected to global supply chains yet been hit hard by the US-China trade war, so it's deep in the bargain bin, yet promises the must upside now. SK is off everyone's radar. Good fundamentals too.
ETF with high dividend It holds 30% UK banks. The Brexit story will continue, but a no-deal Brexit is off the table. Expectations for Euro banks can't get lower. EUFN pays a 5% yield. The average company trades below book value. This space is so unloved that it's time to buy.