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(A Top Pick Sep 26/19, Up 13%) A unique kind of ETF--mortgage REITs don't own physical property, but borrow short and lend long to mortgage-backed securities. The lifeblood of mortgage REITs is a positive yield curve. REM is a bet on a steepening yield curve. Great for income seekers.
(A Top Pick Sep 26/19, Up 4%) Europe has zero expectations for growth, so this was a reluctant top pick. Europe has been left for dead. Long-term though, this should be fine, because of rock-bottom interest rates there, there's a move from bonds into stocks.
(A Top Pick Sep 26/19, Up 1%) Before the virus, Asian countries like South Korea were outperforming, and he feels this area has been unfairly sold off. South Korea will rebound, likely in the second half of 2020. If you own this, hold it.
He still like this. Bond markets are hitting record lows with the 10-year yield. The Fed could drop rates in a surprise move; Powell is more pro-active now to cut rates. The lifeblood of mortgage REITs is a steepening yield curve. Meanwhile, you collect a nice dividend of 7.87%.
For those who don't want an ETF that's too country- or sector-specific. GMF is 50% China, with countries integrated in the global supply chain and have sold the most during the virus, yet represent good value. He predicts a V-shape recovery and a strong latter-2020.