Bruce Murray
Member since: May '16
CEO & Chief Investment Officer at
The Murray Wealth Group

Latest Top Picks

The leader in robotic surgery. They have only a 3-5% market share, but will grow as doctors grow more comfortable with robotic surgery. The PE is high, but the growth rate will catch up. He sees 50% growth next year and 20% after. This is a high-growth stock. (Analysts’ price target is $655.19)
A capital market player but doesn't have many loans to small businesses. A leader in wealth management. He targets $70. A low-risk way to play the financials without worrying about bank loan losses, because they don't have many loans out for mortgages and small businesses. (Analysts’ price target is $59.18)
His favourite manufacturing stock. LNR makes transmissions for Ford and GE pick-up trucks, so they're at the forefront for the car industry. They also have products for e-cars, like an electric axle. Their SkyJack division is rebounding with the construction business, and their fire machinery business is positioned well in the coming recovery.
(A Top Pick Sep 16/19, Up 5%) Loves it and bought more at $15. They have massive growth potential. They have over 100 store locations targeted in the US. About 30% of sales are online and the stores will catch up as stores reopen. He targets $25-30 and a long-term grower.
(A Top Pick Sep 16/19, Down 39%) He felt it was well-positioned to turn around. It owns Coach handbags which had far overexpanded, and a high-end shoe company. It just bought Kate Spade whose product line needed updating. These brands were expected to take off in China. He's bought more shares and sees more upside. Carries no debt.