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(A Top Pick Nov 18/18, Down 9%) Overall it has been down because they did acquisitions and margins are staring to slip. The last quarter looks good. He thinks it will get back to buying companies. It is going to have a rising tide in terms of demand.
(A Top Pick Nov 18/18, Down 8%) They made acquisitions and markets got ahead of themselves. Now things have settled down. It is a nice stable company and the dividends should increase over time. Stay with it.
(A Top Pick Nov 18/18, Up 15%) Root beer and high end fries. Up 15%. They position themselves as a healthy high end fast food vendor. They were first to do the beyond-meat burger. They did a good job of talking the talk and not just walking the walk. Double digits for almost a year and a half, which is impressive. You can just harvest the 5% yield.
They finally did that large acquisition that people have been expecting. They will still have some cash after the deal. Markets will take some time to come to terms with how this company will look. He does not think this company is done with acquisitions.
It is more of a defensive position with a bit more yield on it. It is like a monopoly. Their company, Trayport, which does energy trading and has some growth. There has been some consolidation in their space and they are trading at a material discount to their peers. They report earnings tonight. (Analysts’ price target is $126.86)