Cameron Hurst
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(A Top Pick Jul 11/18, Up 19%) A great example of demographic and diabetes trends that has created huge growth in demand. A sad, but profitable story. Not a defensive stock and has beta with the market.
(A Top Pick Jul 11/18, Up 26%) He wonders when they will have to drop data prices, but as a user they have not seen them make much of a change. They will do well in a downturn of the market. They are building in new technology.
(A Top Pick Jul 11/18, Up 19%) This was a more defensive pick. He would continue to hold it. Slow growth is fine for the economy and is good for this. Lower interest rates are favorable as well for income generating properties. He names this a Top Pick again today.
About 40% of the portfolio is in specialized REITs, which includes more defensive data centres. Yield 3.22%
A great basked of fintechs. A fantastic position for them for some time. About 50% of transactions in developed nations are still done with cash -- a lot of room for growth. Yield 0.48%