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(A Top Pick Feb 14/19, Down 36%) Their mine in Arizona is running into delays. This is really a call on copper prices. Copper prices are starting to rebound and with housing construction accounting for 40% of copper demand, the recent uptick in housing starts is also supportive. We could see another leg up on this run. It is currently neutral for him, but he will watch for upward price momentum.
(A Top Pick Feb 14/19, Up 25%) A bond on Air Canada in essence as this is Jazz airlines. They have a contract with their pilots until 2035. They do not have fuel sensitivity or for currency. ROE is 20%. There is room for the dividend to grow. Yield 6%
(A Top Pick Feb 14/19, Up 5%) Kinder Morgan Canada was purchased by Pembina Pipeline. This was the TMX project. He was hoping for a better price in the acquisition, so the return was muted.
A high quality mid to small-large energy producer. Trades below book value and at 9 times cash flow. A reasonable pick in the energy space. Yield 6.51% (Analysts’ price target is $6.97)
They run casinos in BC and ON. A strong consumer market should continue to support it. It has a 27% ROE and trades at 16 times earnings. There is some belief on the street that they over paid for the casino rights in the GTA, but he argues that this is already factored into the current valuation metrics. Another knock is that they are not paying a dividend. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $47.25)