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(A Top Pick Jul 26/19, Down 23%) They had some difficulties with TECK.B-T not long after it was a Top Pick. It is still the leading coal export terminal on the west coast. It is a challenge that their largest customer is looking to renegotiate and move volumes elsewhere. It scores in the top 1% on valuation. It still yields over 4% with a low payout ratio and has a solid balance sheet. It is a relatively stable stock relative to other commodity stocks. It is still on his buy list.
(A Top Pick Jul 26/19, Up 33%) It benefited from a couple of themes. Green power has been a large driver that isn’t going way any time soon. It survived the March carnage well and is back to all time highs. It is in the top 2% on valuation. Decent price to earnings; 4% yield with a reasonable payout ratio.
(A Top Pick Jul 26/19, Down 10%) It sold off in sympathy to other financial stocks and has not yet fully recovered. It has good valuation and price momentum is improving. This whole group should be beneficiaries to a return to work.
It was a long for him in the 2013/14 period of time. It has gotten to the point now that it has priced in a lot of the economic slowdown. It scores in the top 1% in valuation. They are somewhat diversified. 6.5 times price to earnings. They could turn into more of a yield stock. It is a call on valuation and a call on coming out of this recession. The balance sheet is not a concern even if they are a little heavy on debt. (Analysts’ price target is $38.17)
TV, radio and some content. They took on too much debt a few years ago. It has been a deleveraging story. Shaw exited their stake and put a lot of shares into the market, yet one of their management has remained an inside buyer. They are reducing debt and put their dividend on hold for June. It is cheap on pretty much every metric they look at. (Analysts’ price target is $4.87)