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(Top Pick Feb 10/16, Up 11%) It had a great start. Unfortunately they chose to raise some equity and the stock went down. She still likes it a lot. It is a core name. She sees very good wealth creation ability. They have good netbacks. They have a good balance sheet. They are now seeing results from water flood in 6 months, down from a year. This is a game changer. She still sees a lot of upside in it.
(Top Pick Feb 10/16, Up 41%) She likes it because of the way it is changing and evolving. It is leaning more toward the infrastructure business. This is a very stable type business. She sees upside when oil prices come back.
(Top Pick Feb 10/16, Up 62%) A well run, great company that did not have to cut its dividend. You may see a dividend increase in the next year or so. They have free cash flow from almost all their business segments. It should be looked at as a dividend growth company and can be bought at these levels.
It is a gas company. She thinks Gas is bottoming, even if she is not bullish on it. This is one of the best ways to get gas exposure. They have a well laid out plan. They have take-away capacity. She can see growth for the next 3 years. (Analysts’ target: $11.50).
It has been thrown out with the bath water. It has a top quartile management team. They have significant internally funded growth from this company. There is a possibility they will beat their guidance. (Analyst target: $13.00).