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(A Top Pick May 19/20, Up 78%) He would buy it again. It is probably only half way back to where it should be. It has significant upside. As production declines as they generate significant cash they should move to increased drilling activity.
(A Top Pick May 19/20, Up 191%) Lumber has become the hottest commodity. It is still not back to its 2018 high, which it should get to if lumber prices stay high.
(A Top Pick May 19/20, Up 171%) When the pandemic started, restaurants were shut down. This was one of the best performing stocks over the last 20 years and he got his entry point last year. They have years of growth ahead though consolidation and expansion.
This stock is only half way back to where it should get to because oil and gas prices are higher now than before the pandemic. (Analysts’ price target is $1.71)
The opportunities are right for improvement. Seven operating mines over politically stable jurisdictions. It has the fastest growth profile over 3 years and yet it has one of the biggest discounts. The reason is because so much of their assets are tied up in future-dated projects. The opportunity is that 3 of 4 development projects are teed up to come on line over the next three years. As they reach milestones it will dissipate the discount on their share price. (Analysts’ price target is $17.89)