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(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Up 3%) It had a pretty bad year this year but then had a rally in November on news of a vaccine. They appear to be under earning. For the ROE to get back to its normalized level, earnings have to go up 18%. He considers it a buy.
(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Up 25%) This is a bit of a surprise. It was their worst year ever in terms of revenue. It was attractively priced when he chose it. The tech sector has been a big winner this year. They were expected to benefit from what was going on. Sentiment moved the share price in the short term. Revenue and earnings decelerated but sentiment in the sector was up.
(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Up 36%) It looked like their revenues would be flat but they are up 22%. FB users increased 9-12%. They grow at a 20% clip. It is still attractive.
It is the only publically traded gold producers that has the following: It is in the sweet spot in terms of size as a mid-tier, it has a cost structure that has room for improvement, it has multiple producing assets all in politically stable jurisdictions, it offers fully funded growth projects, it has high insider ownership at 8.5%, and it has proven leadership. It just announced acquisition of Premier Gold. It trades at a discount. (Analysts’ price target is $22.75)
US citizens are turning 65 at an alarming rate and many are purchasing private health insurance called Medicare advantage. It is the fastest growing form of health insurance This company provides an unbiased comparison of available policies from multiple providers. 25 times forward earnings.