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(A Top Pick Jun 22/20, Up 64%) He would still be a buyer at this price. It has come back to where it was trading in prior years. They are embarking on a new energy project which is a major deal. 3000 barrels a day of a bio fuel that replaces diesel. The government is supporting the project, making it economical to the company. It could add 50 cents to the stock.
(A Top Pick Jun 22/20, Up 132%) He would be a buyer. There is a disconnect with lumber prices. It deserves to be a higher price than where it is now.
(A Top Pick Jun 22/20, Up 129%) He would recommend selling it. They are being bought out by another bank so he is no longer interested in owning it.
Canadian banks have generally moved higher but in the short term they tend to play leapfrog. In recent years other have leapt ahead. (Analysts’ price target is $86.15)
It continues to grow revenue and earnings three times faster than the S&P and yet trades only at a 15% premium to it. It is going to post at least two years of strong growth. He thinks it is undervalued. (Analysts’ price target is $384.17)