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(A Top Pick May 21/19, Down 25%) Last year, trade tensions between US and China hurt their business, because 10% of their business is agricultural equipment and that trade war hurt agriculture. The GM strike also hurt. There was insider buying over the winter, which is a plus. The virus has made this a buying opportunity now. A solid hold for him. Peak auto has hit the world, yes, but those declines in sales have been gradual.
(A Top Pick May 21/19, Down 50%) He figured that oil was near the bottom of the cycle when he bought this last year, but the virus and oil crisis have pushed energy lower. TCW's managers have been buying shares, which encourages him. Also, their balance sheet is strong, especially debt-equity, compared to its peers. This is positioned to bounce back.
(A Top Pick May 21/19, Up 20%) Tech has done surprisingly well very well, though some don't deserve to be, including Square. Its earning estimates are down 50% this year and 25% next year, and yet the stock is up. He actually sold this two weeks ago on a high valuation basis.
There's been serious insider buying recently, something he always likes in stocks, $2 million worth. They do carry a lot of debt which concerns the market and is pressuring the stock. One third of operations are in drilling for natural gas, less than 20% is in troubled Canadian oil, and has operations in the U.S., Australia, Argentina, Iran and Kuwait. They have positive cash flow. ESI can hold their prices with more discipline than the rest of the oil/gas industry. (Analysts’ price target is $0.71)
Canada's biggest lumber producer in the west coast. Consistently profitable, but it got tangled in an 8-month strike last year. When that ended, the stock started to rise in February until the virus hit. There's lots of insider buying, which triggered him to buy. WEF trades at 0.6x book value, a third of 2014-18 levels, so this could bounce back 300%. (Analysts’ price target is $1.02)