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(A Top Pick Jan 30/19, Down 4%) He would have expected it to do more. He is quite confident going forward. He thinks they will get taken out within 18 months. Almost made it a top pick again.
(A Top Pick Jan 30/19, Up 85%) They have the market's attention. Later this year there is the decision whether they start up an older mine that has been mothballed for a while.
(A Top Pick Jan 30/19, Down 53%) It has been frustrating. This one is actually profitable. They bought a dispensary and the owner is still owned some money. He does not think this stock will be around a year from now.
Biogas is a hot topic. Jurisdictions around the world are moving towards a more carbon neutral footprint. They use three different technologies. 0.3% of gas is renewable and he thinks it will go to 5 or 10 over the next decade. These guys are right in the sweet spot. This is at a significantly less PE than peers. They should see some multiple expansion coming. (Analysts’ price target is $1.15)
It pulled back. Now we are seeing a re-acceleration in their earnings, and multiple growth. (Analysts’ price target is $100.29)