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(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Down 91%) It has been a huge disappointment. He sold it out some time ago. He went back into it now and thinks the turnaround is in place. They re-capitalized the business. They produce a real high strain of THC flour. In 2021 they feel they will be trading at one times revenue. There could be an opportunity here.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Up 2%) Their Australian mine was their gem. The detour mine acquisition – people on the street felt they overpaid. But now it looks like it is starting to accelerate again and gold has a tail wind behind it. It could do well going forward.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/19, Down 70%) Another disappointment but the management team is really on the right track. They have some unique technology that allows them to produce direct products that can go into vape. Once some of their own products hit the shelves this quarter you should start to see revenue and earnings from the company. Management are buying stock.
The precious metals space has tail winds behind it because of all the economic stimulus. They acquired a property in Mexico that had over 500 drill holes so they knew what they were getting into. They are drilling that project out as well as another. Based on what they have in reserve, they are trading at half the multiple of their peers. They will continue to build out. The multiple will begin to come into line with peers. They recently did a financing so the company has a strong balance sheet.
Operates in Trinidad. It is a highly prolific energy producing region with an 80% success rate. TXP-X have four wells they are drilling and had two successful natural gas discoveries and will be drilling the other two later this year. (Analysts’ price target is $1.27)