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(A Top Pick May 10/18, Down 61%) He got stopped out, but he is watching it now. They still have a bright future.
(A Top Pick May 10/18, Up 60%) They are merging with an operator to expand to the eastern U.S. that will lead to a fine synergy in the best technology and best product.
(A Top Pick May 10/18, Up 112%) It was flying under the radar last year, but then they struck a supply deal with Quebec. They continue to execute well. They're looking for a new CFO as they enter a major production phase.
An up and coming cannabis extraction in Canada. Once they receive their license, they will ramp up and process for growers. They're based near Vancouver, an area full of cannabis production companies who need their services. (no price target)
Their technology treats depression that's non-invasive. GTMS rolled out laser eye centres in the 1990s. They're growing in the U.S. rapidly. (Analysts’ price target is $6.00)