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(A Top Pick Jul 25/18, Down 49%) You have to have a sell-side discipline, and sold out before making devastating losses.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/18, Down 7%) Still owns and likes it. They've been ramping up their facilities in Las Vegas. It's been taken longer than expected, but the are starting harvesting. New extraction and new facility should help the stock rise nicely.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/18, Down 68%) Must be cognizant of where the sector and the business is in their cycle. They've done good things in Canada, but have stumbled in the U.S.. Probably 16-18 months until they ramp up revenues in the states. The American private side, which is much larger than the Canadian public part, it could rise well. Depends on the investment horizon.
A vertically integrated cannabis company in California where 90% of the market is black market. This market should be brought in in the near future. Strong bank sheet. The valuation is very reasonable and they are generating revenue. Trading at about 2x, whereas its peers are at 12x.
Operations in Papua New Guinea where they continue to have exploration success. They could have great success and be taken out by a major player.