Stephen Takacsy, B. Eng, MBA
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(A Top Pick Jan 28/19, Down 37%) A global leader in the manufacturer of valves including nuclear valves. They are in the middle of a turn-around plan which he initiated. They started buying back their shares, which is usually accretive. We are seeing an improvement in the gross margins. We will see the full impact in twelve months. He thinks the company will be sold to a strategic buyer in the next two years.
(A Top Pick Jan 28/19, Up 1%) They are the biggest player in North America in the Municipal bus business. The sales growth has slowed down but the backlog is healthy. There has been a slowdown in fleet replacement due to electrification. Hold on to it. They are in a transition period.
(A Top Pick Jan 28/19, Up 11%) He likes the company. They are nicely diversified. It pulled back last week because there was a bit of over capacity in a couple of markets. They are generating great cash flow and paying down debt.
It is a good demographic play. They really cleaned up their act and hired a new CEO. They cleaned up their balance sheet. They are in a good position to make acquisitions to consolidate the space. (Analysts’ price target is $0.20)
They own some very valuable eCommerce platforms. There is the supply chain business platform and one for businesses to interact with suppliers and consumers. (Analysts’ price target is $7.80)