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(A Top Pick Sep 24/18, Down 68%) He still likes it. It's the biggest specialty pharma distributor of meds to seniors residences in Canada. The stock got hammered recently, because they didn't get the price the market expected for selling the surgery clinics (the deal closes Sept. 30). Still, they will pay down a lot of debt with this deal. The new CEO has done a fantastic job by cutting costs and increasing gross margins, but the market is ignoring this. Their EBITDA is growing. When the sale closes, he'll buy more stock.
(A Top Pick Sep 24/18, Up 51%) Short-sellers were spreading rumours about it, and he's long defended Badger. It now has the valuation it deserves. It's still reasonably priced. Well-managed with a huge organic runway of growth ahead. They're buying back a lot of shares.
(A Top Pick Sep 24/18, Down 66%) The benefitted a lot a few years ago from selling their bus to the Canadian public transit market and the US private market. That bus was durable and fuel-efficient and beating competition; big parts of it are made in China. So, when the US launched the trade war, it hurt BUS-X. BUS has found a US partner now, but this makes the sales cycle much longer. That's why he sold.
There's been a drop in exports, namely to China, but they're growing their export volume again. They're doing very well in VQA Ontario which is rolling out 87 stores, and DWS has the largest market share here. The big news is that Lassonde took at 20% stake in the company and this will increase agency sales in Quebec. He expects Lassonde to buy the rest of the company. He just 3 million more shares to be the 3rd-largest shareholder. (Analysts’ price target is $0.28)
One of the fastest-growing companies on the TSX. Trading at only 0.5x their revenue Pays. No dividend. They see a huge opportunity in delivering groceries to the home and not just fresh foods. They're a disruptor in the grocery space. Enjoys high margins. Down the line, a major supermarket will acquiring them. (Analysts’ price target is $4.39)