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(A Top Pick Mar 27/19, Down 49%) Their March results boasted record sales and double the volumes over 2019. However, they eliminated their dividend to fund their second line to be installed in a new plant. Investors reacted negatively, were spooked; it looked like the company didn't plan this move. However, SWP enjoys a moat and good global growth. Strong cash flow, so they can fund their capex in three years to build the next plant and/or line. Global demand is still there as are the company's fundamentals. Capex will take place over three years, and they have the money now and to raise the rest.
(A Top Pick Mar 27/19, Up 13%) One of Canada's top online grocers, delivering meal kits to homes. They were the best performer on the March TSX. Consumers will continue to buy online, post-COVID. Consumer habits are changing long-term that will benefit them. Also, FOOD is adding more items to their menu. It's trading at 0.7x sales, which is half of its peer, Hello Fresh. Also, FOOD scores high in ESG, wasting no food.
(A Top Pick Mar 27/19, Down 19%) They're part of a duopoly. It enjoys highly recurring revenues. SJ shouldn't be impacted by the virus, just in their lumber segment. Strong balance sheet. More acquisitions to come for them in the pole side. The stock hasn't been this cheap in a decade. Trades at 13x earnings and has room to grow its dividend. A slam dunk.
One of the biggest suppliers of meds to Canadian seniors' care facilities, so they're having their day in the sun now. Seniors need their meds. In March they made an accretive acquisition that'll make them then #1 player in Canada. A strong balance sheet plus great organic growth from contracts to be renewed later this year. The stock is still cheap and could double in 12 months. A safe play. Little uncertainty in their business. (Analysts’ price target is $0.35)
Like Shopify, they provide e-commerce platforms to businesses, like Sobeys IGA, as well as in Europe. Also made platforms that let suppliers bid on government contracts. MDF is booming from the rush by corporations going online. Trades at less 1x revenues vs. Shopify 35x. Unlike Shopify's churn, MDF's businesses are highly recurring. He's been adding shares and now owns 5% of MDF. (Analysts’ price target is $7.30)