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San Francisco based with a huge exposure to silicon valley. A mid-cap bank. They have grown loans and deposits by 20% each over the last 20 years. They just closed an acquisition that is attractive. They grow two to three times as fast as the typical US bank.
Beer business. The world’s only true global brand. 2/3rds of their revenue comes from emerging markets. It had a takeover offer that they turned down, but then embarked on massive cost cutting.
A Dutch Telco. They have a wireless business in Belgium they agreed to sell. They have a stake in Telefonica Deutschland, which they have sold part of and will sell the rest. The third part remaining is the domestic Dutch business: Fixed, mobile, Internet and television. He thinks they will get taken out after the first two businesses are divested.
(Top Pick Jun 25/15, Down 9.58%) It outperformed the market last year. He is not worried that they were down in the last 6 months. This is for buy and hold for a long time.
(Top Pick Jun 25/15, Down 18.16%) It was off in the last 6 months. Oil exposure hurt them because 17% of their restaurants (e.g. Chilli’s) are in Texas. They made a significant change to their loyalty program that hurt foot traffic. They are addressing it. 10% free cash flow yield, 8% share buyback and 2% dividends. He still likes it.