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CEO; Co-CIO & Sr Portfolio Manager at
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(Top Pick Nov 17’14, Down 7.69%) Credit card chips and payment chip inside the iPhone 6 and they make chips in your car. They announced an acquisition that closed last fall. Then the concerns of China came up. They have been dragged down by Apple concerns.
(Top Pick Nov 17’14, Up 12.15%) They generate a lot of free cash flow. They have de-levered. They benefit from rates.
(Top Pick Nov 17’14, Up 30.44%) A long term holding for him. An incredibly well run business. Cash flow continues to rise. People are looking for what acquisition they do next. It offers good value, is at a discount to the group and he wants to still own the name.
The market has been too hard on them. Large pipelines in the US have come down a lot. There is a general concern their suppliers of oil might go bankrupt. There is a concern that they can’t fund projects. He disagrees with all of that. They have a deep line of sight into where their business comes from. You look at free cash flow growth and the yield on that is about 10% so they can grow the dividend in the low to mid-teens.
They are also in the pharmacy benefits management. They have clinics and are into long term care. They will grow in the low to mid-teens. They are focused on outcomes, which is significant in the US.