Jennifer Radman
Member since: Jan '13
VP & Sr. Portfolio Manager at
Caldwell Investment Management

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(A Top Pick Oct 07/20, Up 14%) She exited the position when the market started to move from COVID winners to recovery stories. It has held up quite well. She thinks the trends are very much still in place.
(A Top Pick Oct 07/20, Up 27%) It is a very active fund. It started to get included in ETFs. This was a one-time positive re-rating. She is selling into that strength.
(A Top Pick Oct 07/20, Up 24%) Environmental and water themes. They had a very strong quarter. There are a lot of good things happening there. She has been adding to it recently. There is a lot of runway and they are well positioned.
It is a medical device company and people are starting to be able to get in to see their doctor and take care of things. A lot of their revenues are tied to non-deferrable procedures. That is positive for the whole group and they have company-specific catalysts also. (Analysts’ price target is $49.00)
They have been doing a great job of putting up great results but the price did not reflect it. It has traded above a multi-year resistance level. There is good rent growth and good occupancy. She thinks the stock is just getting started. (Analysts’ price target is $15.37)