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(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Down 20%) Orders have slowed down a bit. High quality name. Stock got a bit ahead of itself. What they do is mission-critical. Significant holding for her. Covid delayed projects, but they'll resume and business will improve from here.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Down 4%) Struggling recently. Mission-critical to first responders. Projects delayed. Needed infrastructure with political unrest. Business will pick up.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Down 10%) Food services equipment, plus residential kitchen division. Worst expectations never materialized. Good job navigating through Covid. Strong executors, leaders in the space. Residential picking up as spending dollars shift to the home.
Benefiting from shift in consumer spending to the home. Doorknobs, cabinet hardware. Undergoing a positive rerating by the market. Strong consumer tailwinds as people forced to stay home. Good business model. Lots of growth runway. Half of revenue growth comes from accretive acquisitions. Margins have upside. Yield is 0.73%. (Analysts’ price target is $35.00)
Strong demand is one of the catalysts. Restructuring story. New management. Good progress on balance sheet. Uptick in satellite orders. Free cashflow should be positive going forward. Good multiple. Earth imaging for government. Yield is 0.14%. (Analysts’ price target is $33.30)