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(A Top Pick March 19/14. Up 23.18%.) Recently sold some of their US assets. This has been an M&A candidate for some time. Large US healthcare REITs have been looking to grow their portfolios and their cost of capital is very attractive, so the sale of assets was not a surprise. It simplifies the business, because it will now be a fully Canadian seniors housing REIT. This will help them reduce their leverage and will probably end up focusing on developments and redevelopments in Canada.
(A Top Pick March 19/14. Up 16.29%.) An owner of high quality retail in Canada. Also, have a very large development pipeline and will likely invest over $1 billion in the next 5 years. Trading slightly above NAV, but this is because of the quality of its properties, the quality of its balance sheet and the above average free cash flow growth.
(A Top Pick March 19/14. Up 10.53%.) Largest global owner of industrial real estate. It is the best run industrial REIT in the world. Trading below its NAV of around $44 per share. He thinks one of the biggest beneficiaries of the US economic recovery is going to be industrial real estate. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the large e-commerce push is going to be industrial real estate as well. Their global footprint is very important. This still screens as very attractive.
A very, very high quality asset base of office properties, located in key urban centres in the US, such as Manhattan, San Francisco, Boston. Thinks they will be a beneficiary of the recovery in the US, as there will be more demand for office space. Very sound management team. Yield of 1.88%.
Apartment REIT. Has a management team that is well aligned with a history of creating value for shareholders. Trading well below its NAV. They recently raised equity at around $6.40, and he thinks that capital is going to be invested into acquisitions, development and re-development. The stock got hit because of a large repositioning effort on a property in Ottawa that needs to flow through in terms of driving free cash flow. Payout ratio is around 70%. Yield of 3.68%.