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(A Top Pick Jul 31/19, Up 2%) Minor return, but success during this volatile period. Less correlated and sensitive to market gyrations. The low beta stocks can still be a hold during seasonal weakness for stocks.
(A Top Pick Jul 31/19, Down 5%) All the growth names have pulled back. Software stocks tend to be more defensive, so you can hold them during periods of stock weakness. Software is your new defensive play during the summer. July-November still has some seasonal runway, but the chart shows a head and shoulders pattern, so technically the trend is over.
(A Top Pick Jul 31/19, Up 0.4%) This is a way to lower volatility. A return of 2.15% per year, paid monthly. Hold it during volatility, sell it, and use the return to pick up your cyclicals during periods of seasonal strength.
Largest engineering company in the S&P 500. Public construction spending is trending up. October - January is optimal holding period. Coming back down to major moving averages, which gives a good risk/reward entry point. (Analysts’ price target is $93.93)
Has done well all year. Seasonal strength is October - February. Yields and mortage rates so low is positive for the construction industry. Still showing higher highs and higher lows.